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If not,' May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that ye were our country men'. 


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Date: June 10, 2016 The Year of Our Lord

I'm Sean Hofhine.

The name of my show is Brushfires of Freedom, and let me start with this....

This is going to be difficult.

This show is  journey back  to freedom, a freedom brought to us us by a tiny minority that were unwilling to wear the chains of tyranny, that were willing to risk everything....

Their fortunes, their lives and their honor to give us a country where liberty and freedom were not just words to be bandied about in parlors over drinks, but something the colonists would die for, at the time standing up to the most powerful force in the civilized world to create a place where men  would be free to trade their labor, creativity, and ability to produce with like minded people to prosper in a confederation of states that understood that man's rights were an intricate part of his being, not a gift from a ruler or king.

Or more likely nowadays from a well connected lawyer in a black dress.

You see, I understand that freedom is dangerous, if I want to jump from an airplane, ride a zipline, drive at triple the speed limit down the roadway, i truly believe that if I don't injure you along my ride, there is no crime, or civil infraction.

If you are one of the folks that ride down the road in your electric car, and see a two hundred thousand dollar Porsche fly by you at 155 miles an hour and scream 'where are the police when you need them', this might be a great time to tune right over the the replay of your favorite mainstream 'conservative' radio host.

I don't play that way here, there was a time in this country when crime was an injury to person or property with out recompense, not an affront to your feelings.  And definitely not a possible injury to someone who might not even be there at the time.

Freedom does not include a safe zone.... sorry..... freedom........  true freedom includes the thing that seems to be what I am seeing most people are afraid of...

The freedom to fail.  Miserably.

 My Grandfather told me once the most valuable lessons you ever learn will either be extremely painful, or extremely expensive.  You forget the easy mess ups.

I agree with him, he had more knowledge and wisdom than I could ever aspire to have, fought in World War II and never spoke a word of it, came back to a free country and became a self made millionaire.  Raised a family, taught his children and grandchildren how to have honor, respect family, church, and community, and never take a handout. Earn what you have.  Save.  Live within your means, and never ever forget your history...

Say what you do, and do what you say and people will beg you to work for them.  

And most importantly, when I used to ask if I could go ride my bike or walk down to the creek and get wet in the summer.....

He always said the same thing.

'Do what you want, it's a free country'..

That was a different time, I bet there may be some law against a seven year old boy jumping in Cottonwood creek now without a life jacket, or parental supervision, and I'm almost sure some of you think that that's a good thing, that that freedom I had was, ohhhhh, more than you might be okay with.

Well then, there's more.

As a child I got to play with dynamite unsupervised, rode my bicycle and my Yamaha dirt bike for years without a helmet, had BB gun and bottle rocket fights  with my friends in the dirt lot behind our house, and yes, oh you will not like this, we did not have the now required safety glasses and reflective vests and hard hats that you see the inmate weed control crews wearing as you drive down the interstate freeway in Tuscon, Arizona.

Yes friends, freedom is dangerous.  And in my opinion, most of the American people do not want freedom, they want protection.  They want a net under the trapeze.  A guard rail, a seat belt, an air bag...

An unemployment check and a snap card when they fail to actually prove their worth in the world of work.    

Oh, and I guess I forgot you need a free phone too, that's a requirement in today's society...  Yup, you bet.  A cell phone.  Required..  Just because you suck up air in this country I should have taxes extracted from my ability to produce, create, and think to pay for that?  

Is this some sick joke?

Imagine your great grandfather hearing that, after living through the depression. Or his father, after serving in World War one, since we're just amusing ourselves anyway, his father, who may have wagged his tired ass across the country in a wagon to settle the west.  To make a better life.  

That my friends was a time when every day you may have made a decision that could make your branch of the family tree into a stump.

That was real freedom, not the imagined freedom we have now.  

If you think that socializing the stupidity of a generation is freedom, again, you may want to move along.

By that I mean today we live in a world where no matter how stupid you are, the taxpayers will save you.  I cannot for the life of me figure out how two college kids walk in to Reddington Pass with one bottle of water each, and when they feel lost or scared or tired, they use a cell phone to call for help and DPS sends a helicopter to rescue them.  My bet is neither of these future giants of industry have ever had a job, paid taxes, or taken care of themselves financially, so they don't quite have a grasp of how expensive their stupidity is, and for the life of me I can't remember when this started.

Maybe when the government, or the hacks hacks we elected, decided they could tell me to wear a seat belt.  

I don't wear seat belts in my vehicles.  Ever.  Some of you remember when no one wore seat belts,imagine the absolute horror.  I have an impossible dream of a place where you don't say things like, 'for the greater good', or, 'if you get in a wreck you could be thrown from the vehicle', a place where no matter what happens I can actually be man enough to be personally responsible for my actions.

My cousins and I rode in the back of my grandpa's truck, and  never thought anything of it.  Eight years old in the back of the 72 Chevy Camper Special, no helmet, no sunscreen, no handholds, just as happy as a dog with her head out the window. I'm pretty sure in most places that's illegal now, and I'm sure that some of you think that's a good idea.

You want to be protected, from yourself.  You want to be saved from your actions when it doesn't go how you wanted it to.  It's called socialize stupidity and privatize success, the new paradigm in America.

And now on to my Sunday afternoon rant...

I would say a majority of the country would agree that seat belts save lives.  I'm going to say something very difficult for you to understand.  And believe me I have thought long and hard about this.

Not wrecking your car saves a lot more than wearing a seat belt. I know, what a concept.  When you get in the car, you actually look out the front window and drive the damn thing. Occasionally you may use that magic stick coming out of the left side of the steering column for something besides a jewelry rack.  If people could drive their cars like they drive the buggy at Fry's, we'd live in a much better place.  When do you ever see someone flip off someone else in the grocery store because they were stupid.  Not often I hope.  Because it seems to me the last place where people still have some semblance of humility is in the grocery store, where you have to look someone right in the eye when you act like a jackass and say something wildly unpopular in that facebook world some of you populate..

Excuse me.  Or...  I'm sorry...  Or if you're me, 'I'm sorry, I drive my buggy by feel everyday, thank goodness that I'm not driving a Mack....'

But back to the seat belt thing, forty nine years on this planet, and not one time in my life have I received a nickel from any federal, state, county or local government. No unemployment, no food stamps, no relief or aid ever. None.

I am not a ward of the state, I ask for nothing but to be left alone to do my trade, make a profit, and be the best I can be along this dusty path of life.

And some constabulary type gets to impede me from moving freely about the country because I don't feel the need to wear a seat belt???

Again, I ask, is this some sick joke?

Imagine the thousands, if not tens of thousands of laws on the books that can be used to prosecute you, the individual in this county.

Laws that are crafted to protect you from some imagined threat to your safety, that just a hundred years ago was no threat at all. 

Unfortunately, in my opinion, we may have relegated Darwin to the scrapheap of history, and muddied the gene pool along the way with our incessant over- criminalization of stupidity.

Seat belts, guard rails and air bags.   Keeping the stupid in our society breeding like mice.  

When I grew up in Moab, Utah in the 70's and 80's, the road along the Colorado river had very few guardrails.  There were lots of places where one could easily drive right in the river unimpeded, and although it is unfortunate, some people died in that river after what (we assumed) was a little too much whiskey and not near enough common sense.

I say assumed because at the time if your car was in the river, and you didn't come home, the county sheriff did not send a team of divers to hunt for your body.  

There was not a squadron of Bell Jet Rangers dispatched to comb the entirety of the Colorado river watershed and Lake Powell to try to find your corpse.  Of course that was when our sales tax was 4.6 percent, all in, and people in that little uranium mining town had a pretty good sense about how the real world worked.

Although sad for the family that they had no body to bury, the entirety of the towns resources could not be squandered looking for someone that had died of what at the time was called natural causes by the old guys at the NAPA store.

You heard that right.

When someone, again supposedly, got drunk and drove their pickup truck into the freezing waters of the Colorado river, that was natural that they would die in those days.  

What someone might have called at the time, Darwin working his magic..

There have been many federal and state sponsored construction jobs along that stretch of road between Moab and Cisco, most all of them include a generous portion of guardrails to impede those who can't just drive their car along the roadway from crashing into the water.

Of course there are laws against that now too. I guess things are different now. Used to be when you got yourself into a single car collision, that was the end of it.  Call a tow truck, or borrow your buddies trailer, go get the carcass and move on.  If you had insurance of the type that would fix your car, which I don't think many people had, then you called your insurance company.  But I don't remember any local cops writing a flurry of tickets to someone who just wrecked their car without damaging anyone else's person or property.  Used to be when your car was wrecked, Sheriff Nyland in Grand County, Utah figured that was enough damage for one day.

Presently, in the same single car accident,  we know that the local cops need to write you a ticket for.....  Let's try,, failure to maintain control, something about speed and conditions I'm sure, I can imagine they would have some mysterious right to your blood, breathe or urine, and I suspect that if you had a child in the car you could easily be accused by the state of felony child endangerment.  

I'm sure some of you law and order types are salivating at the thought of all this, because you cannot imagine it any other way.

Well I can, and I do.

I'm not wearing a seat belt on my way home, sorry, it's none of your business.  And if i wreck and die, then you know what??  

Maybe that was the plan anyway. 

Some of us know we are mortal, and no matter what happens the end of the book is the same.

Stop being so scared and try being free, it will challenge and enlighten you, if you dare.

Tell your friends about me, if I do nothing but make you think, I have done my job.

My show, my life, my rules for both, but if I fail I promise you, society at large will not foot the bill, I will.

Thank You


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